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What is Copywriting?

In this world of information overload you need a way to authentically connect with your customers online. Good writing can be clever, creative, persuasive, engaging and shareable. Quality copywriting can turn your visitors into customers.

Copywriting needs to serve a deliberate purpose, arming your customers and visitors with the right kind of information. Human beings are hardwired to engage with stories. By creating captivating landing pages, not only will this help your customers better understand what you are offering, but encourages them to invest in your end product.

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Website Content Writer Services

Our copywriting services include:

Website content & blog posts
Optimise existing content
Social media content
eDM & newsletter copy
How much does copywriting cost?

Why Your Business Needs to Focus on SEO Copywriting versus Standard Writing

SEO copywriting is different to traditional copywriting. SEO copywriting must appeal to search engines, rank naturally and resonant with your customers. There is a vast difference between being able to put words together and being able to write compelling, interesting copy that sells a product while providing easy crawlability for search engines. As a result, it is important to hire a copywriter who is adept at SEO copywriting and who stays on top of algorithm changes.

“Modern search engines are able to crawl a site and assess its keywords and phrases, but also the quality of your content.”

Google equated the trust and authority of your site, what users think of the content and the words that you use to determine your search engine ranking. This means modern SEO copywriting involves more than inserting keywords into content. A website content writer knows how to create copy that is organic, relevant and, above all, reads naturally.

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Purposeful content turns your website into a resource users will come back for. It educates, entertains and enlightens, while helping you compete against other businesses with less information. Further, carefully crafted blog posts can be used to boost your overall SEO score, improving your online visibility. When you hire a copywriter who understands SEO, you take advantage of copy that is clear, clean and comprehensively keyword researched. This will in turn build your users loyalty.

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