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Social Media Marketing

Connect and interact with your customers.

What is Social Media Marketing?

“Social media” is a website or application that enables users to create, consume or share content. Popular platforms include Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Each of these social media platforms have a unqiue audience set that require different means of engagement to be beneficial for your business. Social media marketing focuses on how to improve your brand loyalty, convert more customers and boost conversion rates.

As you probably know the social media landscape is rapidly growing and changing everyday. The benefits of seeking help from a social media marketing agency such as Black & White Digital, is that we can provide your business with up-to-date advise and solutions.

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SMO Services

Our SMO services include:

Custom social media strategy
Engaging content creation
Keyword based posts
Automated multi platform posting schedule
How much does social media marketing cost?

The Importance of a Strong Social Media Strategy

By analysing your target market, Black & White Digital can hand pick the most appropriate social media platforms your business should be on to maximise the desired outcomes.

“Many companies find social media to be a confusing and confronting place. The experts at Black + White Digital can tailor a social marketing plan that will make it a breeze.”

While many businesses already have social media in place, they are often unmanaged which can look bad. It is always better to have a few active accounts than many neglected ones.

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It is more important than ever to connect with your audience to generate leads and boost website visits. Our social media strategy is designed to work with your business, determining the content your customers prefer to see across different platforms. Further, by making your content targeted and real, you are more likely to be shared, improving your online presence.

Social media supports your SEO score by feeding into the discovery of new content. Users are increasingly turning to social media searches to find content they are interested in. Consequently, the quality of content you share on social media is extremely important.

Original content is made specifically to improve the awareness and visibility of your business on social media sites. Curated content is the content you share with your audience from other sources on the internet. Social media marketing guides both original and curated content to ensure that is it valuable and relevant to your audience.

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