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The Benefits of Having an Online Store

Recent studies show that businesses with an online store saw a 40% increase in sales over those who had no digital presence. It also showed that 88% of consumers will research an item online before even considering buying it in physical store – in fact many will research an item while they are in the store, rather than asking a sales assistant.

The mobile first shift has changed the game. Users are now wanting to shop online, from the comfort of their own home, at any time of the day. An eCommerce design agency like Black & White Digital can help setup or improve your existing eCommerce solution.

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eCommerce Website Development Services

Our ecommerce services include:

Responsive shop design
Customisable shop layout
Product import
Simple or complex shipping setup
Payment gateway setup
How much does a online store cost?

Why You Need an eCommerce Website Design Overhaul

It is vital to stay current to keep ahead of your competitors. It is easy to think that, once you’ve set up an online store, you don’t have to do anything more. However, just like a physical store’s presentation, your online store can quickly become out of date.

“Brand loyalty is hard to gain from consumers and a stale online shop can signal to users that you don’t care about their business.”

An out of date online store can cause a severe drop in conversions. If your user experience is bad, you may find your customers going elsewhere. By staying fresh, modern and secure, you can dominate the market.

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